Hey Teachers! Turn That Summer Slide Into a Summer Side Hustle

Join Macaroni KID and share the family fun happening in your community!

By Macaroni KID June 10, 2022

Macaroni KID publishers come from a wide range of career backgrounds, including education. We are proud that more than a dozen teachers across the country choose to be Macaroni KID publishers.

Our publishers from the classroom find Macaroni KID a great second job because they work hours they choose, and because it's so easy to get the whole family involved in their Macaroni KID business.

"I feel that having both jobs gives me a unique perspective as an active community member, a teacher, and a parent," says Annie Young, a teacher in California and publisher of Macaroni KID Santa Ana, Calif. and Macaroni KID Newport Beach, Calif. "I get to really know my community and be able to give back, as well as show my kids the importance of being involved."

Visit to find out more about becoming a Macaroni KID publisher.

Macaroni KID training — done on your own schedule and in your own home — can be completed in 12 weeks, which means now is the perfect time for teachers and other parents looking for a summer opportunity to join Macaroni KID.

Why would you want to become a Macaroni KID publisher? Our publishers keep 100% of the money they bring in, set their own hours, and make a difference in their communities. Plus, they have a blast doing it!

What does a publisher do?

As a Macaroni KID publisher, your job is to share all the family fun happening in your community!! You'll share all the information about kid- and family-friendly events, businesses, services and more on your website and in your weekly newsletter. 

Like to host events? You can do that too! Some Macaroni KID publishers host fun events in their communities such as Mess Fest, Kid Entrepreneur Fairs, Easter egg hunts, and much more!

Along the way, you'll make connections with businesses and nonprofits in your community and have the chance to earn income from ad revenue.


Along with earning ad revenue, you also have the opportunity to barter services. Our publishers have bartered everything from day care to braces in exchange for advertising on their sites.

"I became a Macaroni KID publisher for my kids. Because of Macaroni KID, I am able to really spend time with them and offer them extracurricular activities that I otherwise could not afford," Annie says.

Macaroni KID publisher Annie Young and her kids.

Publishers are also offered tickets to national touring shows, take part in national ad campaigns, and are invited on trips. This month 30 of our publishers are traveling to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, while another group is heading to the Catskills later this summer!

Why now is the perfect time to start

Macaroni KID offers a great 12-week training program to help you get started. Start now and you'll be off and running by the time the kids go back to school in the fall!

There is no cost for this training and you'll be a part of our amazing community, which includes hundreds of publishers across the nation. The entire Macaroni KID family is here to support you on your way to becoming a successful publisher, including Macaroni KID owners Jamie and Brian Ratner. You might recognize them from the ABC show Shark Tank, where they scored a deal with Mr. Wonderful for CertifiKID, Macaroni KID's sister business.

Want to know more about becoming a Macaroni KID publisher? Visit and get started on your journey as a Macaroni KID publisher today!