7 Must-Have Products for Your Best Summer Ever

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August 8, 2019

Summer is a beloved season by so many. Endless beach days, lazy afternoons sipping sweet tea on the porch, the happy “school’s out” chorus from the kids on your block. But there are some pesky downsides to these glorious months — the heat, the heat, and the heat, to name a few. Then, of course, there’s the humidity, sweating like a dog, and the funky, rotten odors that emerge from our aforementioned friend, Mr. Heat. But fear not, with the help of some amazing essentials, you can ensure you put the fun back in summer. From a blender to whip up refreshing smoothies to gardening gear you’ll adore, we've rounded up the best of the bunch to beat the heat, up your curb appeal, and more.

1. Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash

It’s summer. Farmer’s markets abound. Your own garden has herbs, eggplants, and tomatoes galore. You crave salad, smoothies (see goodie #6 below!), or grilled veggies with pretty much every meal. We don’t blame you. That’s where Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash comes in. This new product from a brand you trust washes away over 90% of pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables with no taste or odor left behind. Even better? The product also helps to remove waxes that may be applied to your food’s exterior and soil, to boot. Gluten-free and suitable for vegans, the wash is super easy to apply — spray, rub, rinse, and  enjoy — and this nifty product can remove up to four times more surface pesticides than simply washing your fruits and veggies with water.

Buy it on here for $7.50.

2. Biz Stain Fighter

Summer means more time outdoors, which means more dirt, lakefront grime, and ketchup splotches from your picnic time all over your clothes. Enter: Biz Stain Fighter. Whether it’s that soccer game save in the mud or simply pesky sweat marks that left your clothes dirty, this superpowered detergent uses four stain-fighting ingredients to make your attire look good as new. You can purchase this stain and odor eliminator in either powder or liquid form.

Buy it on here for $5.97.

3. Dapple Baby Lotion

The drying heat of the summer sun can sap moisture from your youngster’s skin. That’s where Dapple Baby Lotion comes in. The fragrance-free moisturizer is made with a prebiotic botanical blend to nourish and revitalize the skin’s natural skin barrier, and the best-in-class moisturization lasts up to 48 hours. Free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic dyes, SLS, and other potentially harmful additives, you can feel good about buying this hypoallergenic and tear-free lotion for your precious child. For those who prefer some fragrance, Dapple also makes their baby lotion in a lavender & jasmine scent. These two baby lotions are part of the brand’s new launch of personal care products, which also includes a shampoo-and-body-wash duo and bubble bath.

Buy it on here for $8.99.

4. Digz Gardening Gloves

Summertime and the living may be easy but gardening can be tough — especially on your hands. Thankfully, this incredible line of gardening gear makes sure your digits stay safe while you get to work in the soil (or even making your next crafting masterpiece). The durable gloves are available in a variety of colors and hand-drawn patterns and also have touchscreen-compatible fingertips in case you need to snap a pic in the flower beds.

Buy it on here from $3.98.

5. Milo’s Tea

Who knows how to beat the heat better than Southerners who are all too familiar with the scorching summer temps? Founded by Milo Carlton in 1946 in Birmingham, Ala., fan-favorite Milo’s Famous Tea is an all-natural, fresh-brewed tea that refreshes your palate without added acids or preservatives. Enjoy an ice-cold beverage in original sweet; unsweet; no calorie sweet; lemonade; a tea-and-lemonade combo; or peach tea at your next backyard BBQ or straight out of the fridge after mowing the lawn. Milo’s Tea is found in the fresh brewed beverage in single-serving bottles, half gallons and whole gallons. For those of legal age, just add bourbon, vodka or any other favorite adult beverage.

Find Milo’s at a retailer near you here.

6. Proctor-Silex Compact Blender

Once upon a time, a very wise soul invented the smoothie, to reinvigorate our weary limbs and save us from summer’s sticky heat. But just because you’re lacking a lot of spare countertop in your kitchen, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to create your own shakes. The sleek Proctor-Silex Compact Blender makes the most of summer’s fresh bounty in smoothies, gazpachos, pesto sauce, and more. Featuring a powerful 550 watt peak power motor, glass body, handle, and pour spout like it’s larger cousins, don’t let the small size fool you — this blender means business.

Buy it on Amazon here for $29.99.

7. Waste Management Odor Disposer

That summer heatwave can make your garbage cans arrive in Smellyville faster than you can text your neighbors inviting them over for dinner. Waste Management’s Odor Disposer has you covered with their potent odor eliminator spray that immediately banishes gross smells. Crafted from a proprietary blend of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids also known as micronutrient supplements, this natural solution will have you running to tell everyone on your block. P.S. Got pets? The powerful odor eraser eliminates the pesky smell of cat and dog urine, too.

Find your local retailer here.