Make the Back to School Season a Breeze

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By Sponsored August 17, 2015
August has arrived, which means that summer will soon draw to a close and you’ll say goodbye to endless pool days, beach picnics, and the kids being home all day long. While you’re more than happy to trade in the wet swim trunks on your floor for backpacks and lunchboxes, the weeks leading up to the day you send them off to school can feel a bit like mayhem.

What school supplies do they need? What do you already have on hand, floating around the house? Art supplies, lunchbox necessities, things they need for extracurricular activities. Oh, and don’t forget healthy breakfasts in the morning and after school snacks. 

What if a FREE app could make back to school shopping and fall meal planning easier? What if it could cut your time spent at the store in half and ensure you always knew what you had in stock and what needed to be replaced? Better yet, what if it enabled you to share your favorite recipes, products and discover new ways to use them?

Get ready for your easiest back to school season yet.
Shelf Scouter’s web and mobile app helps you track household inventory, including groceries, toiletries, school and office supplies. Out of stock items, ingredients for a recipe, or supplies for a school project can easily be added to a shopping list or purchased online from major retailers right through the app - letting you skip a trip to the big box store.

Eliminate last minute, emergency trips to the store and purchase only the products you need. Shopping lists are shareable and accessible from any mobile device, so your inventory and lists are always within reach.

Spark your creativity & share your favorites.
Get ready to find some creative, cozier recipes for the cooler fall months. Not only does Shelf Scouter help you track inventory and manage shopping lists, it helps you find new products, recipes and ideas. Get inspiration from scouted shelves filled with recipes and products you want to try and add them to your pantry or shopping list.

More into sharing than scouting? Create your own shelves filled with the ingredients to make your famous dishes or products you recommend. Include recipes or instructions and send them to your friends and family. Share lists of items needed for a DIY project or for a special event or party. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

The most organized mom on the block.
Make this back to school season the most efficient yet. Plan healthy meals, keep track of all the kids’ supplies and groceries, and spend less time shopping. Shelf Scouter makes it possible. And not only is it possible - it’s painless! Worry less about household inventory and focus more on sparking your creativity and helping others find their own inspiration.

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